Shopyo creates some boiler plate codes for you using the startapp command. Please refer to the Modules section

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Here are some boiler plate codes created:

import os
import json

from flask import Blueprint
# from flask import render_template
# from flask import url_for
# from flask import redirect
# from flask import flash
# from flask import request

# #
# from shopyo.api.html import notify_success
# from shopyo.api.forms import flash_errors

dirpath = os.path.dirname(os.path.abspath(__file__))
module_info = {}

with open(dirpath + "/info.json") as f:
    module_info = json.load(f)

globals()['{}_blueprint'.format(module_info["module_name"])] = Blueprint(

module_blueprint = globals()['{}_blueprint'.format(module_info["module_name"])]

module_name = module_info["module_name"]

def index():
    return ''

Using the above you can develop as usual. To change module name and module url, please refer to the modules section under info.json