Basic Usage#

Shopyo requires Python 3.6+. Be sure to have it before!


$ pip3 install shopyo

Project Generation#

Imagine you want to create your own blog usig Flask. You can generate the blog project with all project scafolding and pre-included modules such as authentication, admin, themes as follows

$ mkdir blog
$ cd blog
$ shopyo new
$ cd blog
$ shopyo initialise
$ shopyo rundebug

This creates a Flask app blog, initialises it and then runs it at http://localhost:5000/. For the home page it will say Shopyo is now running! which will be the home page of your app (see blog/blog/modules/www/ and blog/static/themes/front/blogus/index.html). To access the dashboard, go to http://localhost:5000/auth/login and login with email and password pass

See new for more details.