We use pytest testing framework. If running tests using pytests make sure your are inside shopyo/shopyo directory

  • To run all tests,

    $ pytest
  • To run with more output use the verbose flag

    $ pytest -v
  • To run tests in only a particular file or function:

    $ pytest -k test_cli.py

Alternatively, you can run your tests via tox

  • To run the complete test suit on all suported python interpretatos, (python 3.6, python 3.7, python 3.8, python 3.9 and test sphinx docs build):

    $ tox
  • To run all tests only with Python 3.8 only:

    $ tox -e py38
  • run all only the TestCliStartapp test class with Python 3.9:

    $ tox -e py39 -- -k TestCliStartapp

To generate cov reports, install testing requirements

$ python -m pip install -r requirements/tests.txt

Then generate the html files. They appear in shopyo/htmlcov

$ coverage html

The use http.server to view it in the browser

$  python -m http.server 8000 --dir htmlcov